angela dagi

Leicester, UK

A postgraduate student of Design Management in De Montfort University Leicester, previously has graduated B.Ec Business Management, Marketing Communication in Prasetiya Mulya Business School Jakarta with research on store atmosphere effect in buying behavior on Starbucks Cafe as study case.

Played in laboratory of her own independent design agency called Gyoza Design during school specialized in branding and illustration for SME, internship in DM-Idholland brand agency creative team, and worked as Business Analyst and Indo-Asiapacific Liason of The Body Shop Indonesia while running Charigo Design as director of creative agency before flying to UK hatching new masterpieces in excitement.

What ever, she is actually just a girl who is playing with colors in her world, living the magic of art into business, smashing riddles by giving service with heart in her playground laboratory.

Love her, Angela Dagi