Angela D. Holmes

Public Speaker, Writer, and Life Coach in California

Hey, what's up? I'm Angela D. Holmes Transformation Coach, Speaker, Radio Show Host, and Author. I am a Northern California native. My passion is to help women rebuild from the residuals of emotional stressors; divorce, a bad break up, emotional dysfunction land well, launch out and create their own economy. I am a builder of women, entrepreneur, and corporate trainer. My interests range from writing, hanging at the beach, baking sweets, volunteering, and long drives. I love dogs and of course... I cannot forget...chocolate!

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I am divorced from my husband of 20 years. It was hard to move on knowing that he comes home to me but has been with another woman. My children graduated and I fell apart. I almost lost my job due to depression and hopelessness. I began working with Angela and the small steps that she taught me towards healing made big strides. She coached the inner me to stand up and deal and use my hard situation to my advantage. I am healed, and progressing in life and have even begun a new relationship.
Amanda, California
I had some struggles with communication and feeling satisfaction in my marriage. Angela’s techniques taught me how to love and honor my husband for who he is and not for who I want him to be. I learned to take a deeper look inside of my desires and stop being afraid, living in false reality, and to love myself. Working with Angela has improved my marriage because I improved as a person. I dealt with my emotional pain. I found my voice, and we are living by faith. Happily married!
Claudia, California
I did not expect to be divorced at 25. I felt hopeless, embarrassed and full of shame. I met Angela and began working with her and within 4 months I saw a new person in me. I no longer felt embarrassed I felt empowered like I had a voice. I no longer feared re-building my business and moving on with my life. She taught me techniques to rebuild my confidence, credit, finances, and business. She did not let me lay down and die. My faith is increased and I now live out loud. She rocks!
Karla, California
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