Angela Didway

Angela is a licensed professional counselor with over 25 years experience working with children and families. The passion that drives her is to see children grow up in loving well-balanced homes that offer consistent affection and discipline. She has been successful at helping individuals and families involved in the legal and social services systems to find their strengths and to build from there. Behavior problems in the home and at school are her specialty. She also enjoys teaching parenting classes, providing premarital counseling and tackling anger management. Women relate to her challenges and experiences as a mother of four grown children. Men are comfortable with her because of her strength-based common sense approach. Children love her because she understands their play and how to relate at their level. Resistant teens are won over by her respect for their feelings and opinions. Because of the rapport she is able to achieve with families and her laser-like focus on the best interest of the child, she is able to successfully negotiate custody, visitation and collaborative parenting issues. Angela's Masters in Counseling Psychology is from Palm Beach Atlantic University in West Palm Beach, FL. Her bachelor's in Marriage & Family Relations is from Anderson University, Anderson, Indiana. Angela practices in both North and South Carolina.