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Writer and Artist in London, United Kingdom

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These days every writer and his dog are hung up on marketing and digital sales. Not me. I'm hung up on telling a good story. I'm lousy at marketing. I couldn't care less if I sell one or a million books. What I care about is the story. I've always told stories. My Mum used to say I was a good liar. Well, all stories are lies - carefully crafted lies that enthrall and entice - that draw you into another world - that relieve the boredom and stress of everyday life.

Once upon a time (yes, that old cherry) I worked in TV and film. I've also been a semiconductor engineer, a counsellor for victims of crime, a graphic artist and, more recently, a business development exec for a construction company. Yep, I've been around the block a few times.

My books are labours of love. Some Strange Scent of Death is about the disappearance of the Flannan lighthousekeepers in 1900.

The Remaining Voice is a Susan Hill style ghost story set in 1950s Paris.

The Finish tells the story of an 18th century prostitute forced to solve a murder or face execution. The first in a planned for series, you should be able to read The Surety, which will be the second in the series, fairly soon.

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