Angela Field

Oregon, USA

I'm a Wildcat w/ three little kittens, who are the most important thing in this world to me.

I'm an only child, technically. I do have three step sisters, that I adore.

Born under the sign of scorpio... I don't take much heed to horoscopes, but I do seem to fit most descriptions of a scorpio.

I love music, art, dance, photography, social networking, movies, books, travel, and television, especially reality television.

I enjoy getting involved in important causes, and conversations. The causes that I am most invested in are children's causes such as SaveTheChildren, Unicef, StopChildAbuse,, and the Special Olympics!

I am working on several different projects right now, including but not limited to developing a blog, a few products for patent, starting my own business, and writing several books. I am also a PTA, softball basketball, choir, and dance mom, actively supporting the Chalkboard Project, Headstart, and many other influential organizations.

My favorite sport to play is tennis. My favorite sport to watch on television is football. My favorite sports to watch in the stands is basketball, baseball and hockey. I also love extreme sports, skateboarding, motorcycles, racing, bmx, snowboarding, skiing, snowmobiling, etc. I also love ice skating, gymnastics and professional dance competitions.

My favorite teams are the Portland Trailblazers, Seattle Seahawks, Jacksonville Jaguars, Carolina Panthers, Chicago Bears, Cinncinati Bengals, Dallas Mavericks, Anaheim Angels, L.A. Dodgers, NY Yankees, Seattle Mariners, Portland Winterhawks, and various teams that have some of my favorite players on them which change depending where they are traded too. I also like to fish, ocean, river, and lake. My favorite to catch is ocean fish, especially when you get a double-header!!

I love to talk and get to know new people!

So, please follow on the various networks, and keep me posted on what you are working on. I like to stay up on the latest in fashion, music, art, photography, books, social media, politics, news, celebrity projects, movies, films,parenting tips, crafting, sewing, beading, jewelry making, knitting and crocheting, technology, high performance vehicles, luxurious merchandise, style, beauty, fitness, sports, and so much more... like I said curious mind...

See you soon... Angie

  • Education
    • Social and Behavioral Science, A.S., A.A., & a HRM Certificate