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Therapist in New Zealand

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"He mihi nui kia koe. Ko Angela ahau".

Occupational therapist/kaiwhakaora ngangahau] Facilitator

I offer workshops nationwide for; Mums and their girls aged 10-12yr , "A Celebration Day for Girls" and for dads of daughters - "Father Celebrating Daughters".

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It is unfortunate that many young women today haven't had the opportunity to pause at the threshold of moving into womenhood to really understand, safely discuss and celebrate this momentous life changing transition. This can contribute to lack of communication with selves, the culture of shame, and poor body image.

Research shows that girls who are well prepared with a positive introduction and emotional support at the time of menarche result in higher self esteem, less negative menstrual symptoms & better perception of the cycle.

A Celebration Day for Girls Full Day Workshop:

Through weaving the use of interactive discussion, storytelling, and fun activities, Celebration Day for Girls workshops for 10-12yr old girls and their mothers are; affirming, grounding and connected, inviting girls into ongoing rich and rewarding relationships with their bodies as they become women.

Fathers Celebrating Daughters 2 hr workshop:

Fathers have a special and important role to play as their daughters metamorphose from little girls through puberty to menstruating and fertile young women. Are you ready? Are you overwhelmed? Or are you sailing through? Expect a lively and enlightening discussion with many great tips and ideas for fathers wishing to open and maintain conversations with their daughters.

Let us together empower these young women of our future.

Hei kona mai me ngā mihi

To register your interest for a workshop to be held in your area please email me at: