Angela Gamarra Fuentes

Student in Cartagena, Colombia

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My name is Angela Gamarra Fuentes, I have 20 years old and was born in the city of Cartagena de Indias , I live with my parents and my older brother. I graduated from college modern north where curse from grade 5 through high school in the eleventh grade who take academic degree of bachelor .

In 2012 enter the Fundacion Universitaria Tecnologico Comfenalco in industrial production program , which culminates career in 2014. In the same year enter the National Apprenticeship Service where Occupational Safety study . I am currently in eighth semester of Industrial Engineering .

Currently I am working on marine seaboard company where I work with SISO .

I am an extrovert , so I have many friends, but my best friend is Grace and met her first semester in college and she spoke every day , I go for a walk and I tell all my secretos.y on with the rest of friends I go for a walk and talk a lot .

Since childhood I have always liked sports, at 8 started practicing skating, but at age 10 I had an accident practicing skating and since then leave the sport. in 2007 he started practicing folk dance as a child has always liked to dance and dance met thanks to many places. in 2014 started practicing table tennis which I attended with internal championships of the institution.

I almost ended my career and I want to specialize in Management System implementation . Thanks to the support of my parents once my career is over start my specialization . my interests are creating a great company and profit hospitals in my country riding for children and seniors.Dream travel around the world with my parents.