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My name is Angela. Nice to meet you!

I am a 30-something mother, wife, Emergency Room Coordinator, and healthy living blogger.

I have four children (one daughter and three full-time step-children), one husband, and two dogs.

I was always petite and never worried about nutrition, food intake, exercise, or any of that healthy stuff. When I was an Army medic, I was extremely fit and toned. The Army made me exercise and monitored all my nutrition. It was great never having to think about these things for myself.

Since my daughter's birth (in 2008) I have struggled to get back to a reasonable and comfortable weight. Like most, I focus on everyone else around me. I oftentimes forget that I need to make myself a priority.

I absolutely LOVE food. I am definitely a foodie that needs to focus on healthy alternatives and moderation. Moderation; what is that!?

I have no more excuses. It is my goal to eat healthy and get active. It is a complete lifestyle change and I have my ups and downs.

I share my adventures in healthy living with others because it helps with accountability and a fun outlet to share my successes and failures on my blog Hippie Food & SweatPants. You should check it out for more information, helpful hints, recipes, exercise tips, to laugh at my mishaps, and provide virtual hugs for my successes.

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