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I’ll bet you took one look at the name of this blog and thought, “Who does she think she is? ‘Biggest, Brightest Star,’ hmphf.”

Don’t worry, you haven’t stumbled on some egomaniac’s blog.

My sister, Lisa, before she took herself from us, left many notes behind, and in one of them she said if we wanted to look for her after she was gone from this world she would be “the biggest, brightest star in the sky.” Hence the name of this blog.

Here you will find many different stories, much of them about how my sister’s depression and suicide affected me and my family, how it shaped and molded me, how a path I did not choose became a journey I did choose.

I hope that those who have been touched by suicide or depression will find solace here. Because though mine can be a sad story, it is also a story of survival.

Please do not feel sorry for me.

I also have stories here that I collected from my dad and others, mostly about their mischievous youth---a time when you could get away with way more than you can now. And of course there is random stuff that has nothing to do with anything. Creative nonfiction! Fun!