Angela Gulbenkian

Art Director and Artist in London, UK

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Angela Gulbenkian is one of the most well-known art collectors and entrepreneurs who dissects high-end paintings and sculptures with an entrepreneurial eye. Active in the arts and cultural space for the past 20 years, she started her art world journey at a very early age, working and learning about art from her parents who have a very prominent art collection, mainly focused on Zero art.
Angela’s worldwide connections and an outstanding international network allows her a unique access to the secondary fine art market, galleries and artists. As art buyers increase in numbers and their appetite for luxury grows, Angela finds herself in a unique position to counsel private clients, foundations, and organisations on valuations, market projections, acquisitions, and dispositions related to fine art.
Passionate and committed to maintaining the integrity and trust of the experience of buying art, Angela has built an impeccable reputation of facilitating thousands of shipments for the art and luxury world in a transparent, ethical and efficient manner. Her experience and expertise in oil paintings and sculpture have won her a trusted network of buyers who fully trust her authentication, inspection, condition assessment and market trends analyses when it comes to the sale and purchase of fine art.