Angela Her

Planet Namek

My name is Angela Her.I totally love writing and sharing my thoughts with the world.I am also very random so most of the things I say will make no sense.Don't try to comprehend or depict out any insignificant details to make your head hurt. I only write to express myself in times of stress, boredom, sadness, or happiness and joy.It's a great escape for me to use my teleport ability (learned from my Abra in Pokemon) and forget about all the other things that puts me down. Please don't take anything I write personally in offense.I am not directing my words towards anyone.I am just technically speaking out my weird and random thoughts visually out through my awesome nonverbal communication skills (if that makes any sense).Don't mind my grammars or punctuation, spelling or any of those things you learned from English class because this is our boundless fantasy where we can dream and be free. Thank you for stopping by my world where dreams come true and I hope you enjoy the stay.Luh you all much.

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