Angela Im

Angela Im

I first stepped into my first Pilates mat class while in college in search of a way into a healthier lifestyle. I've been hooked ever since!

After a few life changing years of Pilates incorporated in my fitness regimen I decided it was time to educate the importance of fitness and Pilates to others.

I received my Pilates certification in mat and equipment at the Kane School and has been teaching clients the importance of daily fitness, body awareness and strengthening since 2011. I'm a strong believer that our bodies are capable of bigger and greater things with proper training, education and discipline.

I'm also an avid distance runner and Pilates is a perfect complement to my race training. With the help of Pilates for injury prevention and cross training, I've run over 25 half-marathons and a handful of marathons, trail races, distance relay races and still going strong...

My other deep passion is my love for food. I'm a firm believer that you shouldn't deprive yourself of the food you love as long as you eat in moderation and balance your diet with healthy and clean foods. A healthy life is about loving life not restricting your life!

I currently teach group classes at FLEX studios and am available for private sessions at ELEV8 or in-homes in the NYC area. Feel free to email me for any inquires!

Photo credit Jay Sullivan