Angela Jo Manieri

Aspiring - Best Selling Author, Inspirational Speaker, and International Sales Trainer, Angela Jo electrifies the room and crowd with her power points, humor and creative skits and trainings. She entertains, educates, and empowers you to embrace a life of conscious love and achievement.

She grew up on a small farm in Southeastern New Jersey, the youngest of four children of Anthony and Josephine Colella. Married at a very young age and raising three sons, while working passionately in the direct sales industry, Angela Jo has shared God's wisdom, knowledge and experience with more than 31,000 women over the past thirty years.

Currently she resides in North Star, Delaware with her dog Chloe and husband Paul, and travels throughout the world sharing inspirational stories of triumph interwoven with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

When she is not travelling the globe, or writing, she occasionally will type up a blog or two:

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