Angela Wilson

Writer, Small Business Owner, and Designer in Connecticut

Angela Wilson

Writer, Small Business Owner, and Designer in Connecticut

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It's Monday and I am on my usual newsy websites like Flipboard, where I see those usual headlines that I adore. Flipboard seems to be the queen of, "7 Ways To Make Yourself Happy", and I'm not going to lie, I usually read these articles.Not because I am necessarily unhappy, but because I'm always trying to be happier. I mean, aren't you?

Okay, maybe I get stressed out and easily disappointed when I do anything wrong. This causes my anxiety to creep over my eyes like a slow rain on my windshield that soon turns to a downpour and I cannot see where I am going.

A few months ago I gave meditation a try through an app I downloaded on my phone. It was a sad effort, I'll admit. My dogs were running around the house, and my boyfriend kept coming upstairs to see what I was doing.

But I just couldn't do it. And even though I've been telling my friends I want to try again, I don't. My happiness comes from accomplishing things and being creative.

When I first started making paper flowers, I really just wanted to put them on my wall and enjoy their loveliness inside my home. You see, I LOVE flowers, and when I saw that people were making these giant beauties and sticking them on their walls at home or adorning their parties and baby showers with their colorful wall bouquets, I immediately knew I needed them in my home. Little did I know I actually needed them to take over my life.

Because once I started making paper flowers, I didn't stop. I thoroughly enjoy the process of tracing, cutting, and gluing, especially when the result is something that puts a smile on my face, no matter how perfect or imperfect the petals are aligned.

What is more, I have not experienced a hint of anxiety since I started making these flowers and pursuing this business.

I had found my mindfulness, an activity I can turn off my brain to, and forget about my worries, while being creative and feeling accomplished in the end.

So I realized mindfulness and meditation does not need to be in an app and it doesn't need to be in an article on Flipboard. It really could be in anything that makes you happy.

Since I know I am not alone in my stressed out, worry-filled little world, I encourage you to find out where your mindfulness lies. Try something new, go somewhere different, or even make a paper flower.

You never know where your happiness is waiting for you.