Angela Lamendola

I am me - the only one there is. Born on a Tuesday, I am supposed to be full of sorrow, but the truth is I am always searching for the silver lining. Sometimes, if you're lucky you can find the platinum one! I love to cook - it's my hobby, it's my passion, and it shows in my waistline more than I would like. I have an amazing husband: supportive when he needs to be, my anchor when I need him to be. (A Pisces, I am prone to flights of fancy.) I recently gave birth to our first child, a daughter named Lia. She is my heart. She's so bright and sunny, even the gloomiest days feel like heaven. I am absolutely enamored. She is the best thing I have ever done. I am so blessed. We have a pup named Shorty DuWop Tooter but you can call her Shorty. She's a rottie mix rescue who's 3 years old, but will look like a puppy forever, thanks to her mixed breeding. Needless to say, she gets away with a lot.