Angela Lipscomb

Divorce Recovery & Forgiveness Expert in Greenville, South Carolina

Angela Harris Lipscomb has a strong passion and calling to serve and teach the broken-hearted, men and women who feel that life is over. After searching for answers and strengthening her relationship with God during both of her divorces, she was equipped with the tools to overcome bitterness, unforgiveness, loneliness and rejection. By learning to first freely accept the forgiveness of herself through Christ, she was able to then gain a deeper passion to see others become free from the LIE's given about divorce. Her motto is, "If I die today, I will die with mistakes, but I will not die with regrets!" Angela "Angie" is a native of Greenville SC and is the Principal of her practice My Broken Pieces Divorce Recovery. She is always one of the Associate Ministers at Changing Your Mind Ministries in Greenville, S.C. under the leadership of Pastor Wendell Jones, and serves as the coordinator of the Divorce Recovery Ministry. Angela is the Author of The Book/Workbook "Ask Me About My Broken Pieces"