Angela Lockwood

Public Speaker, Consultant, and Writer in New South Wales, Australia

Angela Lockwood

Public Speaker, Consultant, and Writer in New South Wales, Australia

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Angela Lockwood is an occupational therapist and Founder of The Place for Health, an educationalorganisation that aims to keep the health sector healthy,by communicating health and wellbeing information for themedical, nursing and allied health industry.

This isachieved through a mix of The Place for Health blog, digitalmagazine and live events. She is the author of a self publishedbook The Power of Conscious Choice, whichfocuses on helping people make better decisions in theirwork and life through simplifying decision-makingprocesses.

After sustaining a head injury as a 17 year old and being told she would never speak again, proving the specialists wrong, Angela has been an invited key note speaker fromindustries from finance, professional services, government, construction, education and

the health sector to deliver her practical strategies that people have shared has been ‘lifechanging’.

After graduating from university Angela focused on encouraging positive health practices through her work as an Occupational Therapist, personal trainer and fitness instructorwhich led her to forming her own specialised paediatric health centre at just 25. Workingwith children and families who were experiencing challenges associated withdevelopmental and behavioural conditions Angela was able to use her ability to motivateand provide guidance to both children and adults.

After selling her multi-disciplinary healthpractice to move on to her next chapter, she has been working with a range of industryleaders and business owners to help them stay motivated and focused on what is

important to them and to their business success.

As a key-note speaker Angela is often asked to open or close conferences as an energiser and to translate her practical messages of personal responsibility, simplicity, and makingbetter choices for people to apply their learnings directly into their lives.

Writing for lifestyle and professional publications and as a guest on community radio was the basis for Angela to use these skills and as a part of the The Place for Healthcommunity, she decided to offer a print and digital magazine. Having self-published a bookand now a quarterly magazine.

Angela's goal in life is to empower people to make the best decisions so they can live a life they choose.

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