Angela Smith

Angela Smith

My Leadership Philosophy

I have found that as a Leader, being able to share my experiences and leadership qualities with others is a pleasure. I have found that life can be very rewarding when you see those that you coach and mentor achieve their dreams and goals. As a team leader I openly encourage collaboration and find building communities of shared practice leads to improved teaching and learning practice as well as confidence across a school. I strive to be the best leader that I can be; building leadership capacity in others and building a culture of retention, trust and transparency.

My Educational Philosophy

As a professional I believe that education is a ‘Life Long Learning’ experience. Having only ever spent one year of my life outside of education I can truly say it is my life-long passion. I enjoy how each day is a different experience and how each setting provides a new learning experience for me. I get to meet a wide range of students, fellow educators, parents and out of school specialists across the world who share their knowledge, helping me to turn it into a wealth for each school that I move to.

My teaching philosophy is based around student-centered learning where the emphasis is on educating the whole-child; encouraging inquirers to be inspired to open their own door to education. I feel that teachers should present to them methods and strategies to help them experience learning and to achieve their goals. Students, at whatever age, should be developing the skills to enable them to become the community leaders of the future. Well-rounded students should be excellent communicators; trustworthy and responsible individuals; independent learners who ask relevant questions and are inspired to research further; globally aware citizens; critical thinkers who reflect on their learning and always give their best efforts in everything that they do. They should be prepared for life in the future and for whatever roles are demanded of them in our ever changing and progressing world.

My Personal Philosophy

I strive to keep fit and healthy, reading for pleasure and enjoying restaurant and cinema visits. I have a keen interest in art, museums and culture in general, priding myself on my world travels and diverse experiences over the years. Whilst developing as an international educator I have enjoyed learning about new cultures, expanded my curriculum knowledge and even learned some new language along the wa