Angela Matthews

Curls of Love TM : Hair Healer and Technique Developer

A hair care management and consultation company targeted towards the parents of adoptive and multiracial children. In easy terms, she creates smiles on little girls' faces by making them look pretty with their naturally tightly coiled and frizzy hair. Angela saves parents, time, money, and tears the pain-free way.

AM Social Media: The Dollars and Sense of Social Media

A Blog geared towards the financial Savvy. Angela tries to help companies understand the financial implications of Social Media. Angela's experience with Finance comes from financial Firm Goldman Sachs. Her financial savvy is matched with the keen flair for new media/internet which was gained from her time working in Recruiting at design firm, HUGE. Angela understands that Social Media is not a fly by night social movement! It's here to stay and she believes you'd be crazy not to take advantage of it. The blog features tips on strategy in targeting an audience, Maximizing ROI on social media initiatives, Compliance and Regulatory procedures, and various Call-to-Actions companies can take to engage their audiences.

The Sweet Job Search: Who says your job search has to be bitter?

With experience in Recruiting, Angela has seen hundreds of resumes and applicants. Knowing that what is written on a sheet of paper may not be the only credentials a person has to offer she gives advice and individual coaching to jobseekers looking to be a cut above the rest. She builds comprehensive jobsearch strategies for any seeker in any market.