Angela Miller

Seattle, Washington, United States

Since 2006, Angela has been hunting down the brightest engineers in the world for roles at small start-ups to corporate titans such as Google and Amazon. Sourcing hard-to-find, uber smart, engineers is her wheelhouse, and you can often find her immersed in an Open Source project sifting through lines of code, or mapping out a competing team at a cloud services company. She has become a sourcing SME among her peers and leads training sessions often to keep the bar high in her group. Angela is also involved in Global Talent Acquisition programs that involve building better processes, and recruiting systems development. She brings ownership, leadership and passion to every project she is a part of. Recruiting is on the critical path to the success of the most influential products and services in the world. She takes pride in being a cog in the wheel, moving into the future of innovative and disruptive technology.

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