Angela Moore Jewelry, is an exquisite line of jewelry made from authentic fresh water pearls and swarovski crystals. Our designs are unique and will put a sparkle in your life; however, we also offer the option of designing to your special requirements.

Angela Moore Jewlery is committed to giving you the best of authentic precious and semi precious stones, cultured pearls, and swarovski crystals. Each piece is carefully designed and hand crafted in London England.

All Jewelry designs are created by Angela Moore an image consultant, who is very meticulous about the type and style of jewelry that is chosen for her clients.

VISION: To give to the world exquisite jewelry so every client can experience a sparkle everyday of their lives.

CORE VALUES: Excellence - Quality - Intregrity - Reliability.

OUR CONCEPT: Every woman needs to have authentic pearl and crystal jewelry. Wearing a cultured pearl set is one of the most exciting things that can occur in a woman's life; it is like getting your first diamond ring. An excitement takes place because of the class, excellence and prestige that goes along with wearing diamonds, pearls or crystals.

Let us at Angela Moore Jewelry add that sparkle you need to your life!

COMING SOON: You can rent pearl and swarovski crystal tiaras for your wedding day.

Wear a piece of Angela Moore Jewelry today and the rest is history!

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