Angela Garwood

Born and raised in Atlanta, a true southern lady. Fun loving and unique. I feel I'm a leader and not a follower. For example why not chase butterflies instead of dogs. Love fashion and coming up with my own style. A romantic with a big dash of the real world. Mother of an AWESOME four year old son, oh sorry he reminds me he's four and a half : ). I always try to treat others like I want to be treated. Not big into juding people for what they do, unless it harms the ones I love or is senseless harm, because my angel wings haven't always been this white. Live and try your hardest to learn. A quote, it's not word for word here, that I love is " Life is like a roller coaster sometimes it's so scarey that you close your eyes and you have to hold on as tight as you can and sometimes it's so much fun and secure you hold your hands up high in the sky."