Angela Nichols

Consultant in the United States

Angela Nichols

Consultant in the United States

Angela is the talent that successful business professionals, entrepreneurs and individuals seek when they’re ready to play big!

As a Personal Growth Consultant, World-class Elite High Performance Coach and Etiquette Expert, Angela has helped transform the lives of others for over 25 years.

Her holistic approach takes clients into a deep dive journey of the areas that the highest performers in the world excel in offer clients "quick wins" along the way.

Clients learn world class, tried-and-true skills they need to know to get more out of business and life by exploring the ins & out of social intelligence along with business & social etiquette.

Angela’s Secret Sauce

Angela’s passionate and progressive coaching style approach of “We're In It Together” “Getting It Done” “No Excuses” is the secret sauce to helping people reach their better to build their best self.

Who Is This For?

If you are beyond basic goal setting & accountability needs and you're “SERIOUS” about going to the next level of performance to be more, give more and produce more, this world-class elite coaching program is for you!

Get Started!

Take the first step and commit to working with a coach that has a world-class, tried-and-true process that will help you reach a higher level of performance to get more out of business and life.

Email Angela at:

professionalclassllc at gmail dot com