Angela Marie

Perrysburg, Ohio

I'm ambitious and spontaneous - just ask my friends! I have HIGH expectations for myself and the people around me. I'm easy to talk to and a good listener although some may question how much I actually listen (wink-wink) - trust me I listen! I have a playful spirit and love to banter with people, which may be why people are always telling me I should have been a news anchor or comedian...perhaps in my next life or a past one.

Currently I work in higher education as an Assistant Provost where I've been called a trailblazer and a "spitfire" - I'm energetic and enthusiastic! I have a passion for teaching and learning and for life in general after all you only live once. I'm committed to student success at all ages and stages and believe innovation and technology are shaping the future of education. I'm forward thinking and like to participate in innovative, transformational projects...I'm not fond of the status quo.

So I ask, how many people make you feel EXTRAORDINARY?? Surround yourself with positive people and rid your life of energy zapping negativity. YOU ARE EXTRAORDINARY - we all are...flaws and all...EXTRAORDINARY! : )

  • Work
    • University of Toledo, Ohio
  • Education
    • St. Ursula Academy
    • The University of Toledo