Angela Patrice

Short but not stout. Basically, that's how I describe myself to avoid the fuss and all that jazz. But I'll give you a chance, since you've already wasted almost 3 seconds of your life just by clicking a link that says about dot me slash angelapatrice, Hello. My name's up there. But you can call me whatever you like.. Gela or Gee or G-jet or Gel or Pat or Rice or someone-i've-never-met-and-would-never-wish-to.. whatever. Anyway, i study at a Chinese school. Got average grades of an average student with an average IQ and an average social status. I'm not into Justin Bieber. I'd rather scream and go gaga over a sparkling little blood-sucking creature than to be one of those teenage girls who don't know what puberty is.

Whatever, I'm still waiting for my Hogwarts letter.