Angela Peairson

Entrepreneur, Artist, and Idealist in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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I am a blissfully married mother of 3 children, 6 grandchildren, 2 very spoiled dogs, 1 princess of a mouse and 2 tanks of overly fertile fish. I was an Insurance Agency Producer for many years and toiled the hours away day and night making someone else rich before deciding to build my own dreams. Now instead of waking to an alarm, doing my hair and makeup, stressing through rush hour traffic and slaving at my desk for hours only to rush home again to steal away the few hours left for my family, I do things a little differently. When I wake the only commute I make is to the coffee pot. I sit comfortably in my recliner with my laptop, my phone and my furkids. My day “at the office” is spent chatting on Facebook, planning parties, making new friends and catching up with the old. I munch on too many carbs, I browse recipes to surprise my husband, I write my blog, and I network with other people who are building their own dreams. I can schedule a meeting (with a new host or recruit), control inventory (order, sort, and package), and manage customer service (Facebook, website and email) all while still lounging in my pajamas.

Best of all, when I do have to get dressed and go out for work…it’s usually TO A PARTY!!!

  • Work
    • Pink Zebra Independent Executive Consultant
  • Education
    • City College