Angela Jackson

Small Business Owner and Consultant in Georgia

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I am a Luxury Concierge Specialist working with small business owners and entrepreneurs personally and professionally.

I work with entrepreneurs, small business owners as well as affiliate marketers on using automation, scheduling, and administrative support tools turning their frustration into greater compensation.

As the facilitator of Utopia Concierge Services we combine and collaborate these services to administer in the de-clutter and organization of the email database, effectively maintain a functioning scheduling calendar, and the dissecting of documents with constructive proofreading and editing.

We also serve as a professional concierge service where we provide travel packages, online gift purchasing for personal and professional use that removes the headache and stress of unending research.

In a nut shell, we help our clients remain organized and functional so that they will remain in the forefront of their business and continue to growth financially and professionally.

If you are need of these services and are looking for options to better serve you, I look forward to speaking with you.


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