Angela Raspass

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Angela Raspass

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

I work with wholehearted women and transformational entrepreneurs – women who have heart and goals and a desire to build a business and life they love.

I’m a small business owner, wife and mother, and I’ve been on my own journey of personal and spiritual development. I know all too well how demanding the life of a woman juggling multiple roles can be. Wholehearted Success Trilogy

It’s my deep pleasure to help entrepreneurs build purposeful and profitable businesses. Businesses that burst into life when you align what you’re naturally good at with what you love and what your audience is seeking, eager to embrace.

I can align you with this powerful sweet spot. And we’ll work together to combine the strong self-belief and the key marketing skills that allow you to confidently attract more clients and financial abundance without compromising your authenticity or integrity.

I’m on purpose myself, rocketing forward in my business and life with enthusiasm and delight.

But it wasn’t always like this. And it took me awhile to get here.

I have first hand experience of becoming overwhelmed, losing my self-belief and finding it really hard to make strong choices and decisions.

Let me take you back to the mid noughties’s for a few moments….

On the outside, all looked good. Great husband. Nice house in the suburbs of Sydney. Lovely friends. A successful corporate marketing career. Two gorgeous kids. A little time out when they were small. A return to part time work in hospitality marketing. The launch of a small business I could run from home…..

All the boxes seemed to be ticked… I should have been marvellously blissful and content, right? But I wasn’t.

For reasons I just could not reasonably explain I felt anxious, unhappy, unfulfilled, increasingly cranky and enormously guilty for feeling that way.

I was sure that the “everything’s fine” façade that I was presenting to the world would begin to crack and that the real me would be revealed to my friends, family and clients. And I believed that the real me was simply not good enough, regardless of how hard I tried to juggle and do the right thing.

For a quite some time I had been in the habit of winding down with a few drinks at the end of the day to deal with “my stressful life”. This relaxation technique gradually began to play a larger role in quieting the doubts and turning down the volume on the negative,