Angela Reign

Angela Reign

Selected as Best Female Country Artist of the Year (Georgia Music Awards, 2013), and headlining at major music events and venues across the country, Angela Reign is taking the music industry by storm.

Fans, club owners, the press, DJs and music critics alike are raving over Angela’s powerful original music, masterfully performed covers and dynamic stage show.

“Angela is the total package…talent, looks, energy and has an excellent stage presence…a true performer” – The Backstage Beat

“Angela’s not a beginner. If she has to go on tour with some big star, she’ll hold her own. Is she a hit artist? Seems to me she is. Crowds like her. She performs great. She looks terrific. You have to have it or you don’t and she has it.” – Hall of Fame DJ Alan White

“With her smooth country vocal stylings and pop/rock musical influences, Angela Reign is poised to put her music where her name is and reign over the crossover scene.” – SonicSouth

“Great music, excitement, and passion—what a performer…she and her band had the audience dancing in the aisles…her energy was absolutely contagious.” –Rick Bryan, Blue Ash City Council Representative and Past Mayor

“This vivacious singer has a set of pipes that a church organ would envy. When it comes to talent, all I have to say is, “Angela totally reigns!” – Bonnie Moret, B is for Bonnie

“Aside from her superb performance, Angela’s character impressed me beyond measure… she is a genuine person with talent, drive and commitment that will surpass all others.” – Rhonda Goodwin, Mountain Moonshine Festival Concert Coordinator

“Angela’s performance was fantastic—great energy; a lot of positive feedback from our patrons.” – Chuck Funk, City of Blue Ash Parks & Recreation Director

“Angela is very passionate about what she does, and she delivers an entertaining high-energy show.” – Lisa Linehan, Hard Rock Café Atlanta Chick Singer Night Coordinator

“Her shows are pure adrenaline and not to be missed” – The Roswell Current

“Anyone watching her shows must know that she is destined for greatness.” – The Marietta Daily Journal

In addition to headline performances at music festivals and professional sporting events, the Angel