Angela Reynolds

Independent Distributor in Birmingham, Alabama

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Only till I was 39 years young, did I realize that I had control of where I was headed in this journey called life. I started LIVING, not just existing. I realized that I could choose to make the most of every day, and that's exactly what I do. I love to laugh and have fun. If I don't act my age, it's perfectly fine with me! I love to take junk and turn it into something enjoyable. I am creative. I'm passionate. I live with purpose. I don't worry over the small stuff. I treasure my family and friends. I try to bring joy to others because it simply makes my heart happy. Putting in to others is so much more fulfilling than receiving. No regrets! Life is too short to live otherwise!

I love all things Young Living (essential oils and more). I have taken charge of my wellness and am being proactive every day to live a long fulfilling life. I've not looked back since this journey started December 2013! I love to share my love of the essential oils through education and support. Find more info here!