Angela Sevin

Oakland, California

My photos tell my story... ...always learning new ways of seeing this planet we call home. As a co-founder of LEAP (Land Empowerment Animals People), and a director of The Green Life peer education class at San Quentin, I encourage people from all walks of life to come together and share their hopes and desires as well as sorrow and despair about the condition of life here on our planet home. I have a master's degree in experiential education and I've volunteered in numerous capacities for a wide spectrum of non-profit organizations as an outdoor educator, group leader, peer counselor and mentor. Since the mid 90s, I've worked toward creating educational environments inclusive of social change ideals and activist principles balanced with the pursuit of individual empowerment. By viewing differences compassionately, facilitating others (including myself!) to discover their passion, and with a unique focus on global wisdom, I envision a future where creativity and learning are nurtured in a way that accepts the communal spirit of all beings. oh, and i have a life too... i'm loving photography and travel, conversations with friends and loved ones, essentially following my heart into the journey of humanity... We are developing and starting a new project!

  • Work
    • Freelance Photographer
  • Education
    • Acalanes High
    • Coopersville High School
    • UC Davis
    • Minnesota State University, Mankato