Angela Stevens

Web Developer, Small Business Owner, and Fitness Coach in Hutchinson, Kansas

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Hello! I am an Online Business Guru and Web Strategy Expert. I am an intensely driven and motivated individual and this passion is what enables me to tackle projects head on and get results. I am a thinker and problem solver and enjoy helping other people overcome obstacles and find solutions.

My Values:

These values are the foundation for everything I do. My work purpose is clear and in it, I find great joy.

Relationship: Above all I value and care for people I work with.

Integrity: At the root of everything I do is honesty, honor, and ethics.

Mutual Growth: There is an excitement and liveliness in ever improving.

Innovation:On a daily basis I have the opportunity to create and lead the way.

My Story:

I believe that a success story is never truly complete - there is only where you came from and where you're going. Although many would say I'm a success story, I would say I am a constant work in progress. I have overcome many obstacles in life, such as breaking free from destitute poverty, returning to and graduating from college at 31 years old (with 4 kids no less!), conquering health problems by losing over 100 lbs , joining the Army National Guard at 34 years old (after losing the weight), and now attending Officer Candidate School at 36 years old. Even with all that, I know my journey has just begun and I look forward to where life takes me next!

My Experience:

I first began working with computers when I was 8 years old, back in the days of monochrome screens, floppy drives, dot matrix printers, and DOS. At 10 years old I taught myself how to program in BASIC literally overnight. I was always the go-to geek for any kind of technology related problem even in my youth. In 1997, at the beginning of the .COM era, I taught myself HTML and programmed my first web site. In 2012 I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BS in Computer Information Systems. In 2014 I opened my business, AngelComputing.

What the Future Holds:

I am looking forward to graduating from Officer Candidate School for the Army National Guard in August of 2016. I serve as the class president where I can put my planning and organizational skills to the best use. I am also currently working on a new project for female entrepreneurs which I anticipate to be fully operational by March 2016.

  • Work
    • AngelComputing
  • Education
    • Florida Institute of Technology
    • Bonner Springs High School