Angela Truckey

Angela Truckey

balance~integration is holistic wellness that incorporates my passions in life: nutrition, organic whole foods and cooking, yogic philosophy, love for travel with a focus on lifestyle balance through wellness coaching and yoga.

I truly believe that you are what you eat..... as well as what you think, it’s a package deal. If you feed your mind and body junk you will unfortunately feel like junk. What a concept, I know! My focus is to promote happiness and health by helping you live positive consciously, find YOUR balance and the best version of YOUR life.

I will partner with you to inspire and co-create transformative growth, to help you figure out where you are, where you would like to be and how to achieve those goals. I am your accountability and support when you need it most, while always providing you with a safe, non-judgmental space.

I began my journey as a Registered Nurse over 10 years ago with passion and desire to help others. Taking my first yoga class in 2008 was definitely the catalyst for the inspiration and continued passion toward helping others with a more holistic focus. Since taking that very first class I am now a trained 200 hour Yoga Teacher registered with the Yoga Alliance and have taken Level One Baptiste Power Vinyasa.

Holistic Nutrition and Health Coach training from New York’s Institute of Integrative Nutrition was a fantastic bridge from my prior medical background into holistic health. I am so grateful that life allows me to create a practice for my clients focused toward living a balanced happy healthy life.

One thing life so far has taught me is that we all need to learn to love and trust ourselves, trust what we innately know deep within and let go of all the background noise. Be authentic and love it! Let go of what doesn’t serve you, start where you are, begin now, always be a yes and life should be an adventure!