Angela Uyi


I am a Financial Analyst and a Straight writer, and also a motivational writer. A dynamic and result oriented Business Management expert with vast experience in Customers Relationship Management and Value Creation. I do not envy people, and I don’t have a lot of friends, but that is okay.

I think I am fine where I am now but I have designed a destination where I am going.

I’m in my late 20s, mature for my age, yet I can be a child. I’m your socially, self-confident person.

Born by a young couple Mr. and Mrs. Godwin Ehi-Uyi living in Edo state I was born in Jos, northern part of Nigeria. I grew up in a small Village called Abia Quarters Iruekpen in Esan West LGA Ekpoma agriculture town, where I undertook my primary Education. I discovered my writing interest since when I was a Sunday school kid I was always made to write a play let script for the Girls Guild. Through my upbringing, in youth stage and also in High school I was still writing attending different drama Festivals in Churches. I went to The Polytechnics, Ibadan and Imo state Polytechnic, and Lagos State University. I did not throw away my first passion of wanting to be an inspirational writer.

Nature inspires me, words create my world, and love holds me together.

Life around me is changing, and it’s beautiful, yet sad; because the things I have known so well are changing. I am not a change resistant anyway.

That’s alright though, everything changes.

I love photography, art, sport, adventures and writing. Those are my hobbies.

The things I do most, is listening to music and try to figure myself out through the internet, which is going fine.

I’m here to express myself in creative ways and take pictures of my daily life and introduce the people and things that are close to me.

Life is not a bed of roses but I am not making my past as a residence but as my area of reference. I believe where I am coming from is my past and where I am now is my bus-stop and my future is my destination. I may not be there yet I am not giving up because there is enough space at the top to accommodate those who are willing to get there with Focus, determination, passion, and concentration.

People who inspire me are Winston Churchill, Florence Nightingale, Benjamin Franklin, Joan of Arc, Helen Keller, Mother Teresa, William Wilberforce, and Nelson Mandela.

I’m studying Copywriting/graphics design through my class at Oxygen Academy Lagos, and it’s a blast! I really enjoy graphics illustration with characters for writing!

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