Angel Bonner

''I'm not anti social I'm socially-selective and I've selected to avoid you. I suffer from alexithymia- inability to express one's feelings. I am 17 years old my birthday is march 23.I'm number 5 of 6 children. I want to be the first one out my family to go to college and complete it. I owe to myself to be successful in life. I want to be a person all my 11 nieces and nephews can say ''my angel'' did it so I can do it to. I want to be like Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds which is my favorite show. Last year I lost somebody really close to me,my niece's father who was very much so my brother. So i'm trying to make it for him. I have slacked off tremendously but I'm picking up the pieces now to get where i need to be. I like to listen to music and sleep when i can. I also like to sit by the water and clear my thoughts and rock climb. I love animals and kids so profession in life with be dealing with one of the two. I'm very good at giving advice so I could take up a profession with that to. I don't know what i want to do with my life i just want to be successful.

  • Education
    • martin luther king high school