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Angel baby music Channel is Best music for babies to sleep to. Help baby sleep with Best Baby Lullabies gentle lullabies for babies to give your baby sleep help and show you how to put a baby to sleep.

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♥ The medley includes many famous lullabies: Rock-a-bye Baby, Brahms' Lullaby, Hush Little Baby, and many other favorites. A very relaxing and peaceful mix, with clouds and moon video (HD 720p). Perfect for baby sleep. ♪

♫ Putting a baby to sleep with a lullaby music is easy. We have music for toddlers and children; nursery rhymes, songs and classical music for babies; relaxing, calming music for babies and parents too ; white noise and womb heart beat sounds to soothe newborns which Babies are calmed and soothed by lullabies and love the sound of your voice.

♫ Singing a lullaby to your baby is a great way to bond and have fun with baby too. Lullaby music can be used to relax baby and relaxed parents at the same time to put a baby to sleep

Why not take time for relaxation with baby and share a meditation lullaby which will leave you and baby calm and relaxed and even send you both to sleep?