Angel Barrino

Angel Barrino is affectionately known to friends and colleagues as Angel B. She is a passionate entrepreneur who seeks to inspire others by teaching them how they can tap into their gifts and abilities to be successful. She has multinational businesses which specializes in marketing, particularly book marketing and radio advertisement. Angel's customized marketing strategies are designed to help others reach their goals. In fact she has helped a number of authors become best sellers on Amazon using these strategies. She is the owner of Inspired Nutrition Station in Greensboro, NC. Each day she pursues her God given purpose with passion by serving others.

She is the author of the best selling book His Purpose, My Praise which is her life message concerning marriage, relationships, family and choices.

You can find her writing, editing, marketing, promoting, building connections or inspiring others almost each day.

She has been featured in Business 101, Black Women Empowered's online journal, Simply Elevate Magazine, Huami Magazine, The PUSH Report and Greensboro Live Magazine.

She is an inspirational Sr. Staff Writer for Simply Elevate Magazine and has also been an inspirational writer for The PUSH Report, Anointed Fire and Huami Magazine.

Among her other accomplishments Angel B. is a worship leader and gospel recording artist now working on her own music project. She has recorded background vocals for other artists as well.

Connect with Angel today, she is insightful and her message is inspiring.

All of Angel's products, services and businesses are housed under her company Angel b. Enterprises Llc. Links are listed below: