Ángel J. Sánchez

Product Designer in Córdoba, España

Ángel J. Sánchez

Product Designer in Córdoba, España

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Hi, I’m Angel Sánchez and I am a UX/Product Designer.

Let me tell you a bit about me and how I work.

I’m dad to 3 beautiful kids, Lucy, Anjana and Angel Jr. and married a wonderful cantabrian woman, Gemma. I am Peruvian-born, the land of Inkas, ceviche and pisco (which I can prepare for you anytime, believe me, Peruvian food is the best in the world).

I am enthusiastic about design, the web, apps and urban culture. I have work experience in Peru, Spain and Italy in different IT companies. I have a Social Sciences Master Degree and I am Graphic Designer.

I am a problem lover & solver and I like to take design decisions based on data (and common sense too!). If you want to know, I am specialized in UI and Interaction Design. Habituated to work into agile environment and developer-friendly ❤

I am a design thinker, I have been designing things since I remember! (when I was a kid I liked to write tales and draw my own characters).

My aim is to deliver products with perfect sync between what business needs and what users want. During my 15 years of career, I've worked in projects based on software and Internet applying a mixed knowledge of design, digital communication, and user-centered solutions. I contribute to built successful software and platforms through innovation, design, and technology.

I can consider myself as a team player and creative. I usually work on lead roles but I can feel good in a support role as a designer. I'm habituated to work into agile and seriously consider my team as essential part of design process, that's why I like to follow up my designs because I'm a pixel-perfect guy and don't trust on deploying poor experiences. I think the key to a great design is lean and functional, function over form and usable and useful.

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