Donna-Marie Ellingham

Folkestone, Kent

In life take as many pics as you u can, laugh til your eyes water and love like you've never been hurt...Coz every 60 secs spent upset is a min of happiness you'll never get back!!!!!

Mum of 7 magnificent, mad and beautiful children. Loud, funny, spontaneous, crazy, loveable, like marmite... you either love me or hate me!

I'm a highly motivated, wise, individual with a wealth of knowledge and experience in this game we call life.

I have excellent people skills, I have an eclectic collection of friends from all walks of life. I'm not afraid to speak my mind and will willingly engage in a good debate about anything and everything.

  • Work
    • I'm a full time Mummy!
  • Education
    • Swakeleys School