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Photographer, Personal Trainer, and Public Speaker in Mauritius

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Born april 23th in Mauritius , DJ ANGEL became a DJ because he 'liked to share music with other people. When I was younger, I'd listen to a radio show and mix show, he progressed to some student parties, private parties, then to three nights a week in a lot of club like guess Dj, learning and perfecting his craft. 'He gets a good experience in a Radio station in Mauritius.

He started DJing till he was 15 years old, In 2004. 'I really wanted to produce music and to make some good remixes that I could play in my sets, because it brings much more fulfilment to the process. I bought some samplers, some computer programs, and just started working on it.' He makes it sound easy

He was always my first love but back then I didn't know it was possible to make a living out of being a DJ...

Though known primarily for his pioneering contributions to the House Music , DJ ANGEL's style is now a mix of everything: 'trance, house, techno, underground, minimal, deep house, etc.. - I play a bit of everything. I think the only way forward for DJs now is to play a diverse mix of sounds.' Indeed, his brand of House was always pushing at the constraints of the genre anyway, heaven to the sort of perfect chill out that could reduce a grown man to tears, and have at times owed as much influence to classical music as to dance.

The many high profile gigs and shows have now taken DJ ANGEL away from exclusively playing clubs, and propelled him to become more of a mainstream artist. 'Often at my shows now, half of the people are die-hard clubbers, but the other half are people who know me from the radio, or from more mainstream gigs,

he says. 'It's more like they're going to a concert, so now I get a great mix of both worlds.'

Describing the last few years as 'a journey of defining moments,' (as well as the usual club successes, ok

Continuing to explore fresh avenues,DJ ANGEL is currently experimenting with new sounds in the studio; I'm more open to doing remixes again. I like to hear a track and right away know what I want to do with it, what I can make different, and whether it'll work for me in my sets ' all my remixes have to be tried and tested.'

The future for DJ ANGEL promises yet further success, both as the solo artist he's become and the DJ we know him to be. 'Another album, more remixes, definitely,' he agrees, 'but it's hard to look too far into the future. Ev

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