Angel D'lite

D’lite by name, Delight by nature and I'll be any flavour you like baby!

Don’t be fooled by my pure exterior, my fluttering eyelashes and my charming smile because underneath I am quite the little force to be reckoned with!

Maxing out at 5ft zero makes me the perfect pocket size dynamite and with my ruthless approach to everything I set my mind to means I ALWAYS get my own way!

Conceived in the back of a tour bus and born in Tokyo during a world tour, the place I now call home is Forkham Hall School.

Daughter to infamous unmentionable Rock Star parents has resulted in me being sent to boarding school to escape the paparazzi!

Whilst touring with my parents from an early age I began to express some unusual interests along the way; my hobbies now include Belly dancing, Pole dancing, Arts and Crafts, Gambling and Train Spotting.

I love lollipops and jelly tots and all things filled with sugar! And not to mention my Black belt in Tae Kwon-Do.

Being away from home, and beloved daddy, does not mean I don’t get what I want… oh yes I know exactly how to wrap him around my little finger… as I do with everyone!!!!