Aleka Angeletaki

Archaeologist, Teacher, and Project Manager in Trondheim, Norway

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Born in Mykonos Greece I learned to enjoy life and work. Growing up in a loving family of five I learned to share and love. Travelling around the world I learned to appreciate people not just from what they say ,but from what they do and how they behave! Living in Norway taught me how to also enjoy being alone but create network that can support you. Working as an archaeologist in Greece has been giving me perspective in life and knowledge about human history and creativity. Working in Norway as a teacher, has given me a lot of inspiration and possibilities. Having a family and children of my own has allowed me to follow the human miracle growing.

Having friends from many countries has allowed me to feel blessed. I believe in people, I believe in teamwork and possibilities! Nature and human love are the greater gifts given to us and we must cherish them!

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