Angel Giuliano

Artist in Troy, New York

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I started making headpieces about 3-4 years ago...accidentally! I was making a braided leather bracelet and realizing upon completion it was too long and resembled more of a headband, took it the idea and ran with it. At first I would find feathers laying around and would sew them into the bands, haphazardly, without any glue. I still have my very first piece. As with all things, there was a slow and steady evolution into what my work is now, but it did not start out looking anything like it's current form, and hopefully the evolution never ends.

All my pieces are made and completed in my living room, which is 75% for entertainment purposes and the other 25% usually a mess of feathers and beads. Someday I will have a studio.

The funnest and possibly simplest part of the creative process is the thrill of finding different and unique items that I can use. More exciting than that is when I can feature a friend or other artists work by incorporation.

While I enjoy laboring over my work and get immense satisfaction from the completion of a headpiece, I do have to say that having the privilege of selling my work in person and witnessing it's owner put it on brings such a feeling of purpose and wonder. Realizing that every piece I make has a mystery owner that seemingly was destined from the beginning is a magical experience.

I hope to have my hands in feather work for a very long time. As of right now I am a single mom and work full time so the work comes slowly and inconsistently, and the desire to make every piece unique and perfect takes time!

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