Angel Grey

Central Florida

Remember that kid in school that just drew and painted and colored, scribbled or even hummed to themselves all the time? What about the kid that was really smart but very shy, and sort ended up doing everyones homework for them?

Yeah, hi. On both accounts. I'm also very short, should we go into that from high school as well? Lol.

I'm over it now, the USMC and Federal Government took care of that for me, and now well, I took all those years of acute visual training and applied them to something more people friendly.

So now, read between the lines and you know I love everything from Guns and Ammo to Romantic Comedies, from Saturday Morning Cartoons to Late Night Movies, and my ideas get results. They touch the part of you that you forget sometimes. Just give me anything, a camera, a pencil, a Wacom pen, sticks with dirt and I will give you something to remember.

Yeah, I'm that guy.

Let me change the face of your walls or publication, portfolio and you will know what it is to be seen. My only limitations are the ones my clients set. It's time to make your appointment now, see you soon ;)

The Price of Grey

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