Angel Guinn

Terlton Oklahoma

Hello my name is Angel Marie Guinn. I am currently a student at two schools so try to keep up with me. I go half a day at Cleveland Highschool in Cleveland Oklahoma. The other half i go to central technology center in Drumright Oklahoma. obviously my classes done in cleveland are highschool classes. Then i go to central tech and go to a Interactive Multimedia Class. this year i wish to be a coder for web and possibly java script. Java script is basically game coding by the way.

Family wise well my cousin is depressed so i might end up helpin her through it. dad might have a serious health condition so it means work and school. so on and so forth. but ya know what I'm ok with all the drama families give because whats family without drama. but anyway im loving my life and hoping it all goes well

jobs don't really apply to me just yet they will if dad has what i think he has or if not half way into this year. but right now my main goal is school school school. but hey i love school and imagine ill love work anywhere as attendance has also raised quite a bit last year and hopefully more this year.

allergies? Oh yeah one big one. ANY NUTS. i carry an epi pen for it simply because even being near them can cause a reaction. also poison ivy oak or sumach. not real bad just bad.

dream life? to live in a two story small house on a big plot of land. also to be a game designer with that land and have a rehibilitation center for animals on the side. and last but not least to live with chris mccoy on this land.

fav superhero?beast boy no competition there. I mean who wouldnt want to be able to be a t-rex at will sure your green but who cares.

fav candy? don't bother getting me anything but a plain hersheys bar better safer then sorry.

what do i see in myself? high goals that will be met no matter what. courage towards the future. and some brains.

animals?yeah. Juju, Dede, Sassy, Lusie, Rain, Glitch, Poof, Lunar, Eclypse, Tiger, want me to keep goin caus i can.

giveaways? yep four kittens lunar poof eclypse tige

  • Work
    • no work until out of highschool
  • Education
    • Central tech drumright
    • Cleveland Highschool