Angel Hime

I'm the eterenal child - always a princess, wanting to be a living doll, and always demanding to be in control. I see nothing wrong with this. Life is too short to be in a rush to be all 'grown up', to be all 'more mature than thou'. I don't need to out do any of my peers. Bringing others down won't ever bring me up.

I exist to enjoy my life, and hopefully inspire others to enjoy their lives as well.

I'm not perfect. I am quite the naughty girl, and I like it that way. I realize many don't approve of that, and that's okay. I've withstood judgments and abuse in life for things that are much more difficult to live with. I'm physically disabled, and that's something I've always been mistreated for. Many people act as if it is something I did to myself, or as if I must have been bad in a former life to have these issues, and so it is okay to torment me in this life. Weird logic, that. I've also been mistreated for having fat on my body, and being abused for ones body shape, size, color, hairiness, etc - that's all horrendous.

All forms of injustice are horrendous.

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