Angélica Mascaro

Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil

On most of my experiences, I've worked with innovation, somehow bringing research to industry solutions. In the last years, I worked as a Research Manager and also as a Team and Technical Leader on Samsung Project, at Center of Informatics (CIn-UFPE in Recife). My past experiences are also related to Sofware Development and R&D.

On my master, I worked with Image Processing and Machine Learning, and developed an algorithm to deskew images of digitalized documents for Opthical Character Recognition (OCR). What I really enjoyed of it all, was to use the algorithm to solve real problems on my job by that time. And to know that it is still being used :)

In 2012, I've got the GHC Facebook Scholarship and had awesome experiences at GHC 2012. I'm particularly interested in supporting women in technology.

I love chatting (and hearing) about carrer in technology and I'm always collecting inspiring quotes from persons that inspires me. To be at a vertical learning it's a chalenge, but it's cool! Let's talk!

  • Education
    • Master in Computer Science
    • Bachelor of Computer Engineering