Angelica McAlpine

Nurse, Life Coach, and Student in Tampa, Florida

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We're conditioned to believe that the things we're exposed to every day determine whether or not we get sick — that's why we're told to frequently wash our hands, for example, to avoid contracting a virus.

The truth, however, is that the condition of your body is more important than what you typically encounter. The strength of your immune system is what truly determines your day-to-day health, which may mean you need extra immune support. It Works! Immunity™ can help, and I'm thrilled that it's now available!

This cutting-edge product is designed to power up your immune functions to help you remain healthy.† By drinking just one glass each day, your immune system will be more balanced and resilient, reacting quickly as it defends your body.† Its unique formula includes a mighty trio of Vitamins A, C, and B12, combined with powerful Maitake Gold 404®—a premium mushroom powder that helps speed up the reaction time of immune cells against threats!†

Imagine the places you'll visit and the people you'll meet this holiday season and beyond. It's easy to see why it's important to prime your immune system now! Be proactive and stay healthy with It Works! Immunity.†