Angelica Dina Robinson

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Hello, how's it going? Thank you very much for visiting me online where I have the opportunity to download my thoughts on social media, starting up business and much alike.

I've been a proud profile owner and member of the social media network since 2003 when Myspace made Windows Instant Messenger look as basic as my first Nokia 5110 next to the iPhone 5.

They call us the Facebook generation. Next year I'll be celebrating 10 glorious years of devout loyalty to you. You have never let me down, never forgotten a birthday or neglected a photographic memory. I have confided in you about how frustrated I felt in the rush hour traffic and showed you all the great places I visited on holiday. You have waited patiently at home for me, sat by my side while I watched TV and even alerted me when somebody else wanted my attention. Facebook, thank you for making my life complete, what would I do without you. Twitter was just a fling and LinkedIn was strickly business. I promise, you are the one for me!

Coincidently (or not), I have always found myself working at a company that utilises Social Media as a main marketing tool and have converted my personal experience into a professional understanding for use in Business. For the past few years in London, I have set up and consulted for a number of start-up businesses in Education, Recruitment, Fashion, E-commerce and Online services.

Now living in Dubai and exploring the extensive range and rapidly growing cluster of small businesses, I'd like to help make your business story a social success and give your audience plenty to like and share about with their friends!

How to Create a Social Buzz around your Business?

Here are some important questions to think about.. Which Social Media channels would you find the most suitable audience to interact with? How do you find people that want to 'be your friend' or 'follow you back' and grow the numbers? What content should you or shouldn't you share? And.... how do you convert 'likes' into £££?

In order to answer these questions, you'll need to do market and competitor research, look at Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and discover the bloggers that will love to talk about what you do. You'll need to brainstorm and strategise a plan that will enable your business to manage the demands of 'being social'. This is where I can be of service to you