Angelica Karina Rivas

Denver, Colorado, United States

I am a Marketing student minoring in Spanish at University of Northern Colorado. I'm interested in social media marketing, advertising and global marketing.

My career focus is advertising and global marketing. I have a tremendous passion for traveling which started a summer that I went to Europe as part of summer class from MCB. Since then, I try to adventure myself to new places.

I love learning about different cultures and languages. I find this cultural behaviors so intriguing, since I come from a different culture that has now mixed with different culture.

I am passionate about advertising and someday, I'd like to make creative ads and campaigns. I have figured that I will be able to translate my cultural understanding into providing diversity in advertising.

It is thrilling the power advertising has over consumer’s perceptions of products, or ideas. I am passionate on learning how advertising motivates us as consumer depending on cultural values and behaviors by being involved in of the creation of it.

For this reason I feel that focusing my efforts on working to create advertising campaigns involving culture and global marketing tactics.

  • Education
    • University of Northern Colorado